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Groove Metallers Once Human released the next single of their upcoming album

January 14 Californian Groove Metal band “Once Human” released the new single, “Erasure”, which will be a part of the upcoming album “Scar Weaver”, out February 11 via earMusic.

The video starts with female person (persumably Lauren Hart herself), wearing dark robes, wandering over desert mountains, accompanied by the howling wind. Few seconds later clean vocals, accompanied by gently onset e-guitar riffs are starting. When the other orchestration kicks in the camera switches to the band headbanging. The environment they play in has some resemblance to a tunnel in a mine. But the scene is changing as pictures of assault rifles are popping up, mixed with a bunch of Diamonds.

One can certainly feel the dark and gloomy background story of this song.

“Erasure is a song about blood diamonds. It’s about the clear-cut, horrific message that a rock is worth more than a life to their producers. Although today there are human rights laws and regulations that have eased the violent unearthing of these stones, it is still happening in certain parts of the world. My heart broke as I dove into the meaning of why it’s called a “blood diamond”, and I felt compelled to tell its story.”, says Lauren Hart, the singer.

And the style of the song matches the brutal background perfectly. Heavy guitar and bass riffs complement each other beautifully with Laurens strong growls. The chorus is very catchy with its rhythm. Also the song brings some Djent elements into play.

Every once and again aerial footage of huge mines pop in. When the camera switches back to the band it appears as if a tornado got hold of the camera. Fast moving and switching of perspectives create a feeling of being lost. This is only confirmed when the colour scheme is changed in the video as it switches to black and white when dark clouds on the sky appear on screen.

The song and video conclude with the words “From cradle to the grave you gave your life!” And with these words a skull, half burried in mud and dirt, appears on screen.







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