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Midnattsol – Herr Mannelig (Official Video)

Midnattsol release new video for “Herr Mannelig” off their upcoming album “The Aftermath”.

Featuring Liv Kristine as the official second singer for the first time, this album marks a huge milestone for the band. Her addition to the band was announced in December 2017 and new album´s announcement followed soon. “The Aftermath” comes out May 25th and offers 9 brand new tracks and a bonus track, celebrating band´s return after years since their latest release “The Metamorphosis Melody” in 2011, as well as a union of sisters Espenæs. 

“Dear Metal Fans, please enjoy the complete track of „Herr Mannelig“ from our new album „The Aftermath“, including insights into our songwriting and recording process,” posted Liv Kristine on her Facebook page.


“Herr Mannelig” is originally a Swedish folk ballad telling the story of a female mountain troll who proposes marriage to a young human. The troll is trying to convince Sir Mannelig (Herr Mannelig) to marry her and offers him many great gifts. As the term ballad suggests, the story doesn´t end in happily ever after.

The ballad was first published as a folk song in 1877 and has become popular in the many musical genres since the late 1990s. Many bands, including metal acts such as In Extremo and Haggard, have recorded their own versions of the song. You can listen to Midnattsol´s version of “Herr Mannelig” below.