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Ex Libris Are Teasing a New Release

Dutch progressive powerhouse Ex Libris lead by Dianne van Giersbergen are teasing a new release! Ex Libris III is on the way and it will be truly special. 

“We are currently writing songs for Ex Libris III. This one doesn´t have a title yet, and we also don´t want to call it an album. We´re gonna call it a release because its gonna be different than usual. We´re gonna do three releases in one and a half year. If we manage. But the plan is one and a half year,” said Dianne in the recent live Q&A on Ex Libris Facebook page. 

Band´s third record will consist of three releases with three songs on each. The songs will revolve around three different women from three different countries and three different time periods. What do these women have in common? The fate and… you have to wait for the rest.

Dianne also revealed that the new release will be similar to their latest album “Medea” from 2014. She explains: “I will, for example, crawl into the skin of the women I´m portraying, which is the same as we did with “Medea”. Well, the theme is definitely drama.”

In the meantime, watch the lyric video for “My Dream I Dream” taken from “Medea”.