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Metal Goddesses vol. 1. 19 – Lacuna Coil Edition

Metal Goddesses vol. 1. 19 - Lacuna Coil Edition on Metal Goddesses.

Lacuna Coil is one of the most iconic female fronted metal bands of all time. The Italian metal band and its members have been through ups and downs but they’ve always given their fans the best. What does “the best” actually mean? Well it means an amazing blend of goth rock, gothic metal and alternative metal and breathtaking stage performances with full of passion and talent. Anyway, Metal Goddesses Media Association would like to pay tribute to Lacuna Coil by giving the world this special edition of our “Metal Goddesses” playlist series.

Since the band’s formation in 1994, the group has had two name changes, being previously known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal.

Lacuna Coil lead singers, Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia in 2014. (Photo by Steve Prue)

Inspired by the combination of gothic imagery and music, the members have been known, musically, for composing mid-tempo songs consisting of prominent guitar lines and contrasting dual female/male vocal harmonies to help create a melodic, detached sound. Much of the band’s recent material, however, sees a heavier and more down-tuned style, featuring a more distinct bass line and a higher mixing of the guitars within the songs. The band’s 2012 release, Dark Adrenaline, peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200. They have toured internationally and were nominated for an MTV Music Award.
Now click that play button, and enjoy the best of Lacuna Coil’s works. Nothing stands in our way!

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Images by Metal Goddesses Media Association and Steve Prue