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Symfobia to Release a New Song with Video

Slovak symphonic metal band Symfobia released a new video for a song called “Človek” (“Human” in English), their first song in Slovak.

Erika Strečková, one of the vocalists and author of the lyrics, comments on the meaning of the song: “Človek” is a criticism of today’s ordinary man. It encourages the understanding, listening and realising self and the world around us. There are several examples of what we do wrong as humans and, on the contrary, a few examples how to start doing it better.”

“Človek” is the first song ever in Symfobia’s discography in the Slovak language. “Even though we sing in English, we’re Slovak band, and that’s why we decided to record at least one Slovak song. There may be more in the future,” explains Erika. 

You can listen to the touching ballad “Človek” in the video below.

If you like band’s sound, don’t forget to check their English songs, as well. You can start with “Everything’s Possible” right now.