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Dark Sarah – The Golden Moth (Full Album)

It’s time for the grand finale of “The Chronicles” trilogy by Dark Sarah. Today, the final piece called “The Golden Moth” came out. Listen to it below and find out how the story of Sarah ends.

It all started with “Behind The Black Veil” when a character named Sarah was left at the altar by her fiancé. This is when Sarah’s alter ego Dark Sarah enters the game. 

The second part “The Puzzle” takes Sarah to the Underworld, an island where the banished souls are taken to. There she encounters the king of the Underworld, The Dragon (Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto) who becomes one of the major characters of the story. To escape the island, she needs to solve the puzzle and find three keys.

On “The Golden Moth” Sarah visits The Upper World, where spirits and gods reside. There she meets again The Dragon and other characters including Iron Mask (Zuberoa Aznárez), White Beard (Marco Hietala) and Fortune Teller (Netta Skog).

The full story is also available in a written format. You can read “The Chronicles” book here.