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Blackbriar – I’d Rather Burn (Music Video)

Dutch alternative metal five-piece Blackbriar presents a music video for “I’d Rather Burn”. The song is taken from their second EP “We’d Rather Burn” that came out October 20. Watch the video below.

“We’d Rather Burn” is Blackbriar’s second EP and it features five brand new songs – arranged, produced and mixed by Joost van den Broek: “With the help of the amazing Joost van den Broek, we now lifted our songs up to a whole new level and it’s incredible! He helped us reach our full potential.”

With “We’d Rather Burn”, Blackbriar once again invite you to the world full of witches, dark romance, banshees and the deep blue sea. Listen to the mysterious stories sang in a captivating voice of vocalist Zora Cock. Just like their debut EP “Fractured Fairytales”, the release of the second EP was possible thanks to a crowdfunding campaign; this time, reaching more than 160% of their goal.

“We’ve come a long way since our last release. We’ve greatly improved our style of writing and recording during this process and can’t wait to continue our adventure in the future.”