A major lineup change in Visions Of Atlantis

Symphonic power metal band Visions Of Atlantis has announced a major change in their lineup. The male vocalist Siegfried Samer decided to part ways with the band. The ongoing Symphonic Metal Nights Tour will be his last as one of the voices of Visions Of Atlantis. The name of his replacement has been already revealed.

Samer decided to leave the band because of the scheduling conflicts between the demands of Visions Of Atlantis and his day job. “With the great success of our album, obviously demand for touring and live shows has been rising exponentially when compared to the previous years, and it has been increasingly difficult for me to keep up with the schedules of two bands and my regular full-time day job as well,” explains Siegfried his decision to step out as the band’s vocalist.

The band has already started working on a new album and has tours confirmed for 2019. While more and more shows are being booked, “it is, unfortunately, becoming impossible for me to keep up with the touring schedule of Visions of Atlantis. I, therefore, after long deliberation, sadly have to resign from my position as a singer for Visions of Atlantis after the Symphonic Metal Nights tour in the fall of 2018.” 

“When I received the invitation from Thomas Caser back in 2013 to join Visions of Atlantis as the new male singer alongside new singer Clémentine Delauney, I didn’t know what to expect. I had been following the band, naturally, for many years through all their ups and downs, and it was a really exciting prospect to be part of one of Austria’s longest-serving melodic metal bands,” he looks back at the time when he joined the band.

The album “The Deep & The Dark” released in February 2018 marks the first album with Siegfried and Clémentine Delauney on the vocals and a successful comeback for the band. It charted in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the US for the first time in the band’s history. Siegfried reminisces: “During these past five years with Visions of Atlantis, I got to play fantastic shows all over the world, from Europe all the way to the US with 70.000 Tons of Metal and Mexico, supporting amazing artists like Kamelot, Within Temptation, Tarja Turunen and many others. It’s been so great to see that fans both old and new of Visions of Atlantis really seem to enjoy the new album, and I am very happy to have contributed my part to that success.”

This time, sad news and good news go hand in hand and the band has already announced the name of a new singer. The new addition to Vision Of Atlantis is Michele Guaitoli. Visions Of Atlantis fans may already know him from the recent shows with Kamelot where he took over Siegfried’s vocal duties for the first time. He will officially step in as the new vocalist on the coming shows after Symphonic Metal Nights Tour and join the band for the new album recordings in the studio. Guaitoli is a vocalist for melodic metal band Temperance and power metal band Kaledon. He works as a vocal coach at The Groove Factory Music Academy and as a producer and sound engineer in The Groove Factory Studio in Udine, Italy.

Visions Of Atlantis and Temperance are currently on the same tour so you can see both, the current and future male singers of Visions Of Atlantis, on stage together. You can listen to both bands below.