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Marcela Bovio – Roardin (Lyric Video)

Mexican vocalist and songwriter Marcela Bovio presents the second single from her upcoming solo album “Through Your Eyes”. The single is called “Roardin (No One Is Born A Hero)” and it comes with a lyric video, which can be seen below.

Bovio is best known as ex-Stream of Passion frontwoman as well as for her work with  The Gentle Storm, Ayreon and most recently symphonic death metal supergroup MaYaN.

Her debut solo album “Unprecedented” was released in 2016 and its special version “Unprecedented – the piano sessions” followed in early 2017. Bovio says: “On my solo projects I explore a more atmospheric and dreamy side of music, and combine classical musical influences with my rock and prog background.” Now, she’s about to release her second studio album. “Through Your Eyes” is a collection of eleven songs inspired by themes provided to the vocalist by eleven different people.

The song is based on a character named Roardin, the main protagonist of a story by a girl named Pen who asked Bovio to write a song about him. “He needed some encouragement to go on with his quest, and I tried to help him out with this song. In a way, he helped me out too; as writing words of reassurance for him helped me find some courage of my own,” comments Marcela.

In Marcela’s words, “Roardin” is “a song about gathering the courage to fulfill our destiny. Our journey might not be easy, but with confidence and hard work we will pull through and become the heroes of our stories!”

“Through Your Eyes” comes out December 7. The first single called “Scientist” can be heard here.