Metal Goddesses Awards 2018

2018 is slowly coming to an end and what a year it has been! So many great albums, tracks, music videos, live shows… It’s time to choose the best and, of course, we want you to decide on the winners! Ladies and gentlemen, let us present you the very first Metal Goddesses Awards!

How does it work? It’s easy. Below, you can find a form with the following seven categories:

  • best band
  • best vocalist
  • best instrumentalist
  • best live band
  • best album
  • best song
  • best music video.

Your task is to type in one answer in the first four categories (best band, vocalist, instrumentalist and live band) and choose from the given options in the remaining three categories (best album, song, video).

Don’t forget that our awards are dedicated to metal goddesses; only metal bands with female vocalists and musicians and material released in 2018 is accepted. Choose wisely!

Voting closes on January 7.

The form is also available here.


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