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Nemesea – Fools Gold (Lyric Video)

Dutch alternative band Nemesea unveils a brand new single off their upcoming album “White Flag”. Watch the lyric video for “Fools Gold” below.

In their early era, Nemesea used to be labelled as a symphonic gothic metal band, often compared to After Forever. Over the years, going through artistic growth and style changes with each record, Nemesea’s songs became more rock-oriented with strong electronic elements, dark vibes and powerful female vocals in the spotlight of their refreshing musical blend. The band is now ready to present a collection of 14 new tunes after a short break caused by line-up changes.

“What Flag” marks the first full-length Nemesea album with Sanne Mieloo on vocals. Mieloo joined the band in 2017 after the founding vocalist Manda Ophuis left the band in 2016 to focus on her education job with highly gifted children. You can see the tracklisting and cover artwork of Nemesea’s fifth studio album below. It comes out August 23rd via Napalm Records.


1. The Storm
2. Kids with Guns
3. White Flag
4. Sarah
5. Don’t Tell Me Your Name
6. Fools Gold
7. Ratata
8. Nothing Like Me
9. Lions
10. Heavyweight Champion
11. Rise
12. Let This Be All
13. Sayonara
14. Dance in the Fire

The band has previously dropped two singles off “White Flag”; “Dance in the Fire” in 2017 to introduce their new vocalist, and “Kids with Guns” along with the album release announcement in June of this year. Listen to the third and newest single “Fools Gold” below.