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Blackthorn – Graven On a Deathless Sin (Music Video)

Russian all-female symphonic black metal band Blackthorn unveils a new witching video for “Graven On A Deathless Sin”.

Blackthorn is a Russian symphonic black metal band formed in 2004 in Moscow, Russia. Throughout the fifteen years of their career, Blackthorn have released three full-length albums, two EPs and a bunch of metal covers that are available online. The band was formed on the eve of Halloween, which had a big influence on their work. Blackthorn’s songs are written both in English and in Russian, which brings a special atmosphere to their music.

On September 30, Blackthorn released a new music video for “Graven On a Deathless Sin”, the song from their third full-length album “Witch Cult Ternion”. Mysterious and spectacular, it marries with the melody and the lyrics of the song. You can watch the video below:

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