Lovebites Announce New Album

Japanese all-female heavy metal band Lovebites will release a new album next year. Read all about “Electric Pentagram” and listen to the first single “When Destinies Align” below.

“Electric Pentagram” is the third album from Lovebites and will drop on January 31, 2020. It includes twelve new songs mixed and mastered by Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila known for working with renowned Finnish metal acts like Nightwish and Stratovarius. The cover artwork, that can be seen below, was created by Spanish illustrators David López Gómez and Carlos Vincente León who had also worked on previous Lovebites’ artworks.

Bassist Miho comments: “Lovebites is an electric pentagram. A pentagram is a five-pointed star consisting of five lines. It’s been an emblem that’s adorned amulets and talismans since ancient times as a symbol of protection. That’s why we felt “Electric Pentagram” is the perfect title for this album, we are five points brought together to protect heavy metal.”


01. Thunder Vengeance
02. Holy War
03. Golden Destination
04. Raise Some Hell
05. Today Is The Day
06. When Destinies Align
07. A Frozen Serenade
08. Dancing With The Devil
09. Signs Of Deliverance
10. Set The World On Fire
11. The Unbroken
12. Swan Song

To show their fans what’s to come in January, Lovebites have unveiled the first single. Watch the video for “When Destinies Align”:

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