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Morphide – Queen Of Blame (Music Video)

Alternative/progressive metal Morphide from Denmark unveils a music video for a new single “Queen Of Blame”. Watch the post-apocalyptic Mad Max and Fallout inspired video below.

Morphide is a female-fronted band with strong alternative metal/progressive metal origins, currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band combines heavy riffs with atmospheric ambient guitars, as well as clean vocals with powerful screams to create the feeling of song “breathing”. The band consists of two main composers (Chris: guitar, songwriter; Eissa: vocals) and takes inspiration from such bands as Tesseract, Karnivool, Spiritbox and Northlane. In June 2019 the band released their debut single “Mayhem” and already in a couple of months headed on their first European tour covering Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Now in 2020, they are back with their third single “Queen of Blame”, another dynamic track with the focus on melody and heavy rhythm sections. It showcases Eissa’s beautiful clean vocals and deep and thundering screams together with her ability to effortlessly switch between the two. Intense and aggressive, the track has this dark atmosphere that creates tension and even some kind of anxiety that supports astonishingly deep lyrics. “Queen of Blame” delivers powerful idea of endless greedy and selfish thirst of goods without any attempt of adding even a tiny bit of effort to achieve them. “There are people who think that the world owes them fame and success only because they were born,” Morphide explain. “They compensate their own lack of initiative with the blame on people around, destiny or whatever that comes to their mind.”

“Queen of Blame” is the third music video released by Morphide and, so far, the most ambitious one. Lots of the attention was paid to the atmosphere of the video, aiming for the post-apocalyptic look of Mad Max and Fallout. The main characters are trying to build a very important device for the rest of the humanity and make sure it won’t get into wrong hands. “We used basically everything to create the entourage, from construction waste to soviet inventory. Dirt and dust were our best friends, as they cover everything that was used in a video, from car and clothes to old newspapers and gun,” Eissa admits.

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