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Floor Jansen unveils English version of “De Beelden Blijven” recorded in collaboration with War Child

Floor Jansen, vocalist of symphonic metal band Nightwish, unveiled her collaboration with War Child Holland which resulted in a title song for a new documentary earlier this year. Originally in Dutch, “De Beelden Blijven” has now an official English version titled “The Fight Goes On” which can be heard below.

The organisation helps children who suffer from the traumas of war through music, play and friendly interaction with other children; so-called psychosocial help. In May, War Child released the documentary featuring famous Dutch people who speak about their childhood during and after the Second World War for the 75th anniversary of the liberation from the Nazis, with the original song “De Beelden Blijven” written by Han Kooreneef and sung by Floor.

Floor comments: “War Child is providing aid in Beirut as we speak and that makes this song extra important. Because the fight goes on. In so many places on this beautiful green earth help and support is vital for the future of children hurt by war and other forms of terror.”

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