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Glasya unveils new single “Canção do Mar”

Portuguese symphonic metal band Glasya presents a new single and video for “Canção do Mar”, a cover of a famous Portuguese song.

After the first anniversary of the album “Heaven’s Demise” and still within the scope of this celebration, Glasya presents a new single/video with their interpretation of the music immortalized by the voices of Amália Rodrigues, who would be celebrating her 100th birthday this year, and Dulce Pontes – the song of the sea “Canção do Mar”. 

This reinterpretation arises from the will to spread the Portuguese culture and music sung in the mother tongue to a wider group of new listeners, and there is no better way to honor the past than bring it to the present. 

The music and video were recorded at Dinamix Studios at the invitation of Ricardo Fernandes, who produced and mastered the theme together with the band.

Glasya is currently pre-producing the “Heaven’s Demise”’s successor and will enter the studio later this year.


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