Vintersea unveils quarantine playthrough video for “Fiery Tongue”

Oregon’s progressive/melodic death metal band Vintersea with Avienne Low on vocals unveils an official quarantine playthrough video for “Fiery Tongue”. Watch it below.

Vintersea combines the essential elements of black, death, post, and progressive metal creating a unique sound that is undeniably inspired by the majesty of the Pacific Northwest. Lead guitarist Jorma Spaziano came to Oregon from the east coast metal scene in search of natural inspiration and found it in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Shortly after entering the United States, Malaysian-born vocalist Avienne found her home with Vintersea, with guitarist Riley Nix and drummer Jeremy Spencer rounding out a lineup that prides itself in writing emotionally powerful, heavy, and technically intriguing music. Since the release of their debut full-length album “The Gravity of Fall”, the band has been busy opening for world-wide touring acts such as Arkona, Sirenia, Tengger Cavalry and more.

Now, Vintersea presents a playthrough video for the piece called “Fiery Tongue”. The song is taken from their second studio album “Illuminated” released last year in September. The band comments: “Like millions of people around the world, we have been separated from our musical family for months. With this unique Quarantine Playthrough Video for “Fiery Tongue”, we wanted to show our appreciation for everything you all have done to keep us going this year!”

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