Helle Bogdanova of Ignea talks about the perks of using Patreon on her new Youtube channel

Helle Bogdanova, the vocalist of Ukrainian metal band Ignea, has unveiled the first video on her Youtube channel. Watch the video dedicated to the topic of Patreon and how to use it as an artist below.

In the first video on her freshly launched Youtube channel, Helle focuses on popular membership platform Patreon: “I talk about my personal experience, how I grew from 0 to 200 patrons, and my story of how to make money on Patreon. Through this platform, I managed to crowdfund a lot of things for my band IGNEA. And I’ll also share some other successful examples of other metal bands using Patreon.” She continues: “This video will also be helpful to you if you are a DIY musician, an unsigned artist, or an independent band searching for some music marketing tips.”

More videos are coming up in the upcoming days. The following topics include metal artist-to-artist talks, how to get your song added to Spotify editorial playlist, useful online tools for vocalists, what is a buy-on in touring and more. “Next week, I’m going to release a video of me talking to the vocalist of a fellow metal band about band management and everything related,” promises Helle. So subscribe to her channel if you don’t wanna miss it.


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