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Song of the week (34/2020)

Dear Metal Goddesses readers, welcome back “Song of the week” polls! After a short pause, we’re back and moving the weekly poll from our Instagram stories to our website. And that’s not the only novelty here. Instead of two songs, you can now vote for more killer tracks released in the past week. You can vote for your favourite piece until next Sunday, starting today. So, let’s jump straight into it. Meet this week’s contestants (singles released between August 17 and August 23) below. The winner will be revealed next Sunday.

  • Ad Infinitum – Fire And Ice 
  • Album: Chapter I: Monarchy (2020)

  •  AfterTime feat. Angel Wolf-Black – Nímata Moírais 
  • Album: The Farthest Shore (due out September 25)

  • Draconian – The Sacrificial Flame
  • Album: Under A Godless Veil (due out October 30)

  • Null Positiv – Independenz
  • Album: Independenz (2020)

  • Surma – Reveal The Light Within
  • Album: The Light Within (due out November 6)


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