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Nocean – The Prisoner (Music Video)

Swedish cinematic rock/metal band Nocean presents a music video for “The Prisoner”, now available below.

Nocean started up in 2014 as a classic hard rock band and has since then developed a more modern and cinematical sound with each release. Latest album “Diamond” was released in 2017 and followed by numbers of gigs, among others at Sweden Rock Festival and tours in Europe. Hailing from Sweden, the Nocean have begun their third album journey. But this time they are telling their story like no other band has done before. Nocean is entering a whole new arena – creating a saga. A metal show. A movie. And you are invited to join them on their adventure. Today, the band is releasing their second single from the third album, “The Prisoner”. “This might be the heaviest song we’ve ever made”, says guitarist Oscar Björk, “but it will probably feel very different, especially to our oldest fans.”

In times of Covid-19, it is extra hard for independent bands with no label to get by, due to cancelled tours and all. But this doesn’t stop Stockholm-based metal band Nocean, who already since way back does most of the work themselves, to decrease spending. For the new single “The Prisoner”, the cost for the music and video production is zero. “I have produced the video, guitarist Oscar has recorded, mixed and mastered the song, me and bass player Daniel made the cover and then we also have a fantastic crew that has volunteered behind the camera,” says singer Hanna Olsson. “We didn’t pay any actual money at all for the production. Of course, the labour is worth a lot, but it’s nice to be able to show others that you can do plenty with the will and the knowledge, with no budget whatsoever,” adds guitarist Oscar Björk.

For Nocean, the song is about being imprisoned in your own self, about the struggle to break free from your demons. Olsson comments: “The single is a part of our upcoming concept album, which will be really neat. It will be an album on processing grief, imprisonment and with a story that takes place in a fictional village. We are even making an animated movie, on which we are working simultaneously.” She continues: “Since our gigs, unfortunately, have been cancelled, instead we’ve entered a creative bubble. We stay up late at night writing songs. So even though the Covid-19 pandemic has been terrible to the music business, we’ve got a great flow. “

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