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Beyond Frequencies – Voodoo (Music Video)

Beyond Frequencies release a new single “Voodoo” including a stunning music video.

With more than half a million views, the YouTube channel of Zurich-based band Beyond Frequencies has been on fire since the release of the first songs in spring 2020 – without any label power in the background an impressive debut for a brand-new act. It’s the fresh sound that is fascinating. The discussion about the music genre is not surprising to the band, because Beyond Frequencies follow a vision to create their very own style as a hybrid of metal and pop, which they call “Heavy Pop”. Strong vocals and catchy melodies with pop appeal give Beyond Frequencies their unmistakable cut and make the heavy sound accessible to a wide audience.

Ever felt a certain tension in the air? An electrifying power that heralds something beyond great? “Voodoo” sucks you into a world of fantasy and unlimited possibilities. You will get goosebumps all over, that make you believe there is more out there, something beyond the realm of frequencies.

“Voodoo” is the 5th single release of Beyond Frequencies and is featured on the album “Megalomania”, which follows soon, on October 23.

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