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Jaded Star – Breathing Fire (Lyric Video)

Maxi Nil’s alternative metal band Jaded Stars, has unleashed brand new lyric video for “Breathe Fire”, available below.

Bursting with energy, experience and drive, while captivating audiences all along the way – November 6th will see Jaded Star to release their hotly anticipated, sophomore album titled “Realign” on Noble Demon. Heading on a dynamic, beautiful yet heavy music journey that their fans have been waiting for, today the band fronted by charismatic vocalist Maxi Nil (ex Visions Of Atlantis) unleashed a brand new lyric video!

Maxi Nil comments: “Breathing Fire is all about the vanity that so many times consumes us in such level that we lose our purpose. People who live parasitically among us, making us believe that they know what’s best for us are usually the ones feeding this vanity… Into the eyes of those liars we’re breathing fire!

Watch Jaded Stars’s clip for the high-voltage track “Breathing Fire”:

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