Liv Kristine joins Coldbound

Norwegian singer and songwriter Liv Kristine (solo, Midnattsol, ex-Leaves’ Eyes, ex-Theatre Of Tragedy) announces her cooperation with symphonic/progressive death metal act Coldbound.

“Since the birth of this project, 8 years ago, everything was uncertain. Expanding the project into a full band seemed so distant and yet again utopic; at least impossible. As some of you have noticed lately, Coldbound is currently preparing a new work that has engaged a big amount of respectable guest appearances so far. Some of these guest appearances became real friends. Friends that one can rely on, friends that one can express all the worries and wishes, friends that somehow appear in your life the right time. Throughout the music, which we use a channel to transcript our dreams, hopes, fears and worries; we found the missing ingredient to form a musical quintessence. As melodies and ideas are flowing endlessly, we already start planning our future journey,” appeared on Coldbound’s Facebook page on October 22. 

 The album from the band is already on the way: “There is recorded music from all of us that will be presented to you very soon in our new album. Once the music was written and recorded, we start thinking and talking about it in the most realistic way possible. At the point that we all realised that this is as real as it gets. Eventually, it all became reality in the most unexpected and beautiful way. ” So, get ready for “raw, dreamlike, nordic, doom, authentic sound.”

 Coldbound is:

Liv Kristine (Vocals, Songwriting)
Other bands: Liv Kristine, ex-Theatre Of Tragedy, ex-Leaves Eyes

Markus Riihimäki (Kantele, Songwritting)
Other bands: KanteleScapes

Meiju Enho (Orchestration, Keyboards, Vocals, Songwriting)
Other bands: Mythrian Mamyth Greenrose Faire ex-Ensiferum

Pauli Souka (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Songwriting)

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