“I’ve never been scared to speak my mind.” – Interview with Scarlet

Hailing from Sweden, Scarlet sparked off a riot with her first singles back in 2018. Now she’s ready to start a bloody war with her uncompromising debut full-length “Obey The Queen”. With her bold mix of metal with rap, endless passion and fearless “I don’t give a damn” attitude, this masked singer/songwriter stirs up waters of heavy music as we know it. We caught up with the vicious queen just a couple days before the album release, and you can read what she has to say about her brand new 10-track baby and more below.

MG: Hello, Scarlet! Thanks for speaking to us. How are you doing, just a few days away from the release of your debut album? I hope all is well and ready for the big day, November 13.

Scarlet: Hi! Thank you so much for having me! I’m super excited and at the same time anxious and scared. It’s a surreal feeling doing this for the first time.

MG: “Obey The Queen” is one of the most courageous and daring records in recent years. And refreshing. This album is such a fresh breeze in the scene! Do you agree that nowadays, some rock/metal artists are afraid to show their full potential, leave their comfort zones in order to not offend anyone or lose their fans? What would be your advice to someone who is afraid to show their true face?

Scarlet: OMG THANK YOU! That means the world to me that you think that. Me and my team creates what comes to us and hopefully people like it and get inspired. I don’t really know how other bands act in that matter. What they put out there is the only thing we see. I think most metal bands are quite boring and stick to the given script 😉 But as long as people are satisfied and happy, I support that.

I get that showing your true face could be scary, especially when other people are quick on judging you. I think a good way to overcome that is to find people that have the same interest as you do and support you.

MG: In the opening track, you set yourself in the role of a queen whom all the haters, sexists and racists should obey. Do you have any female role models, any queen that you followed throughout your childhood or are still now? Who shaped you as the person you are now? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a musician.

Scarlet: No, not really. I shaped myself to be the person I am today. The ”Queen” I talk about could be anyone. Not only a woman.

MG: Were you always the one who wasn’t afraid to speak up or it came out later on as you grew up? I think you touch this topic on “I Spit Fire” where you sing “The bird turned to dragon, now I spit fire”, correct? Do you remember what kind of a child you were?

Scarlet: I’ve never been scared to speak my mind but I’ve ended up in big trouble so many times for doing so. Now, no one one has the authority to do so, that’s what I mean with “The bird turned to dragon, now I spit fire”. Like, try to shut me up and I will burn you bad!

MG: You’ve teamed up with the best Swedish songwriters for some of the songs on the album. Were they both from the metal and rap scene? What was working with other songwriters like as compared to writing alone locked up in your mansion up in the north?

Scarlet: They are from the metal, hard rock and the pop scene. All amazing! It was really scary at first. I barely never written a song before and these people have worked with huge artists for a long time. Also, I don’t like people that much, to be honest. I prefer solitude but this experience made me open up a little.

MG: You cover several topics based on a time or situation of change in your life on the album. Out of these ten tracks or events, which one was most challenging to write about for you? Did you face any severe difficulties opening up or are these things already in the past for you?

Scarlet: A lot of them were hard. You have to dig into the deepest, darkest places inside you and hopefully you get out alive. The hardest one was for sure the last song of the album ”Final Shot”. Really, really painful.

MG: I need to stop and talk about “Love Heroin”a little. The first time I heard the song, I was totally shocked. After all the singles you presented, the sudden change in style caught me off guard. I expected another “punch in the face” styled track, and I got it, but for a completely different reason 😀 The song shows a gentler, more fragile side of Scarlet but at the same time, it is such a powerful piece musically, lyrically and emotionally. What were your feelings like dropping such a vulnerable piece?

Scarlet: Oh wow, thank you. That song is not really what people expect. It’s important for me to show a little diversity in the songs. To drop this as a single was a gamble, I must admit. But I felt like I had to release it both for myself but also because so many people that have heard the song live loved it.

MG: On the same note, you finish off the album with an acoustic piece “Final Shot” with Martin Westerstrand. The song is your interpretation of one of the best songs ever written for you, “Total Panik” by his hard rock band “Lillasyster”. It must feel amazing to have him featured on this track.

Scarlet: Omg, YES! When I started this I wrote a list of people I wanted to have featured on my album and Martin was the first person on that list. It really feels amazing. A check on my bucket list 😉 Me and Thirsty also got to perform with his band ”Lillasyster” a couple of times and open for his other band ”LOK”, it’s unreal! I’m so grateful.

MG: Moving onto another track, “#bossbitch” is not just a song but already a movement of its own. It’s also one of my favourite songs of the year, so far. It’s just so powerful musically, vocally, lyrically, the video… People love to hate everything nowadays. Even more so when someone stands up for themselves, other people and women, especially. Did you get any hate for the female-empowering message of the song?

Scarlet: Oh yes, a lot. It’s strange. I’m just celebrating women, I don’t hate on men. I don’t understand why they have so much hate for me.

MG: Speaking of women… I have to mention your partner in crime, Thirsty. I believe this was supposed to be just you solo, but then she kinda got stuck with you after some live shows. What is her role in the band? Do you think she might get even more space in the future? I hope so. You two just work so well together!

Scarlet: Hahaha, yeah I can’t make that crazy person go away. She just hangs in there, like a fucking virus. I’m still solo, she is just my never ending +1 😉

MG: There will always be people comparing you to this or that artist, whether it’s musically or visually. What is the most ridiculous comparison and the most flattering one you’ve heard or seen so far?

Scarlet: Most ridiculous must be Butcher Babies. I really love them but we have nothing in common besides being women. Most flattering, I guess, would be Ghost, Marilyn Manson and Maria Brink.

MG: And that’s it. Once again, thank you for your time and congrats on the beast of an album! Any last words?

Scarlet: Thank YOU! I am really happy that I can be a part of what you do. You are awesome!

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