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Eleine – Memoriam (Music Video)

Swedish symphonic metal act Eleine presents yet another single off of their upcoming album “Dancing In Hell”. It’s titled “Memoriam” and comes with a music video which you can find below.

“Memoriam” it the fourth single/video from their upcoming studio album “Dancing In Hell”, which is set for a November 27th release on Black Lodge Records. With “Dancing In Hell”, Eleine share stories of inner demons, strength and loss. This is Eleine’s most powerful album yet and sets a new standard within the symphonic metal genre with hard hitting, melodic and seductive metal that has become the renowned Eleine sound.

“Is all I do for nothing? Will my efforts be buried beneath the shallow glory that is celebrated by the masses?”

”Memoriam” tells you that your life has value, and that to the disbelievers we say ”No…this wasted life is mine to live, and you will remember my name.” 

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