Anneke van Giersbergen announces a new solo album

Dutch vocalist and songwriter Anneke van Giersbergen has announced a new solo album. Read details below.

The album is titled “The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest” and will be released on February 26, 2021.

“The title refers to the idea that, when facing personal challenges, we are forced to find answers to life’s biggest questions,” explains Anneke. “A while ago, my belief in VUUR saw me spend all my savings on recording our debut album, and taking the band on the road. After completing our first touring cycle, I realized that more VUUR would mean yet more, huge financial risks. To make matters worse, my long-lasting marriage unexpectedly saw a storm approaching. I instantly knew I needed to write music about fixing my life,” she comments.

 Anneke on how the album was born: “With just my acoustic guitar and basic recording gear, I regularly retreated to a small house near the woods, just outside my hometown of Eindhoven. I let go of the pressures of what VUUR’s future might be, and also devoted time to try and save my marriage. In that little cabin, I fell into the meditative process of writing a solo album. When I had written enough songs, I asked my friend and producer, Gijs Coolen, to help me finish the album. Throughout the completion of the album, my acoustic song-stories were fused together with an alchemy of panoramic strings, horns, and percussion.”


01. Agape
02. Hurricane
03. My Promise
04. I Saw A Car
05. The Soul Knows
06. The End
07. Keep It Simple
08. Lo And Behold
09. Losing You
10. Survive
11. Love You Like I Love You

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