Crystal Viper to release a new album in January

The polish heavy metal band Crystal Viper announced details of their upcoming studio album “The Cult”. It is the first album that will be published by Listenable Records in January 2021.

The album will be available as CD, Limited Edition Vinyl, MC and digital download. The CD and digital download versions contain a cover of the 1988 King Diamond classic “Welcome Home‘” The track even features the King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque. The vinyl LP will contain a cover of Satan’s “Trial by Fire”.

Singer and guitarist Marta Gabriel explains: “I’m super excited about this new album, as it marks a new era of the band. First of all, it’s our first album for Listenable Records. It’s also our first album with new drummer, Cederick, who joined us last year. Except that I’m back to playing guitar, and I couldn’t be happier! When it comes to style and music, we decided to do something we feel good and honest with, show everyone where we belong and where we come from, and do something what our fans were waiting for. So yes, “The Cult” marks Crystal Vipers return to its roots, pure classic heavy metal. You might even want to call it old school, as we never had so many guitar riffs and harmonies on any of our albums.”

She adds: “Cover artwork of “The Cult” was painted by Mario Lopez, and it kind of reveals what’s inside. It’s a classic looking heavy metal artwork, and yes, one look at it and at the song titles, and you will know what it’s all about. H.P. Lovecraft!” 


1. Providence
2. The Cult
3. Whispers from Beyond
4. Down in the Crypt
5. Sleeping Giants
6. Forgotten Land
7. Asenath Waite
8. The Calling
9. Flaring Madness
10. Lost in the Dark
11. Welcome Home (King Diamond cover)

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