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Juliet Ruin release new single “Fake Stigmata”

Canadian metalcore band Juliet Ruin unveils a new single and lyric video “Fake Stigmata”, taken from their upcoming EP “Dark Water”.

Leading up to the release of their new EP “Dark Water” on March 26th, 2021, Edmonton, Canada’s metalcore squadron Juliet Ruin is sharing their new lyric video for the third single “Fake Stigmata”.  Featuring infectious soft-spoken melodic vocals with whiplashing djent riffs, “Fake Stigmata” entices fans to sit back and brace themselves for an anthemic experience that the band is offering up on their forthcoming four-track EP to follow their highly praised 2019 album “Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos”. 
The band comments: “Fake Stigmata is our third and heaviest track from our Dark Water EP, it explores darker lyrical themes and grittier vocals and instrumentals.”

Juliet Ruin’s new EP “Dark Water” represents a step into a heavier domain for the band as they continue on with low-tuned guitars. The vocals on this record will certainly shock old fans and draw in new fans as frontwoman Jess’s work in the scream vocal area is apparent throughout as she raised the bar on the clean vocals as well with many pop diva-esque techniques.

“The listening experience we are going for is a hard-edged, but catchy experience with lyrics you can shout in anger, but also it leans positive on message.” says the band.

The conception of the new recording was born out of the desire among the members to create a sound with what they consider the true lineup after having a current member miss out on the OSLAC album. Planning originally to just record one single for 2021 became a four-song EP as the ideas were just unceasing to them. This is the freshest possible material from the mind of Juliet Ruin with all songs written within a year. Fans familiar with the band’s sound on previous releases will notice the evolution in a heavier direction. “Dark Water” will be available on March 26, 2021.

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