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Imperia – While I Am Still Here (Music Video)

Symphonic metal band Imperia unveils a new single off of their upcoming double album “The Last Horizon”. Watch the video for “While I Am Still Here” below.

Earlier this year, Imperia announced the release of their sixth studio album “The Last Horizon”. The band started recording the album in early 2020 and by April the recordings were finished. As always, Oliver Philipps took care of the orchestrations and Jacob Hansen mixed and mastered the album. The new album became the most epic and grand Imperia album ever and therefore it was decided to split it on 2 separate CDs. Almost 80 minutes of music varying from thrash metal riffs and guitar shred to epic cinematic atmospheres and intimate piano ballads are all included in this album. “The Last Horizon” is set to release on March 26 via Massacre Records.

“While I Am Still Here” is the second single off of the upcoming album:

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