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As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other (Full Album)

UK’s melodic post-hardcore six-piece As Everything Unfolds unveils their debut full-length album “Within Each Lies The Other” today. The album kicks off with an energetic pop punkish opener “On The Inside” and quickly shifts towards darker shades with “Take Me There” just to get back to a more upbeat tune with “Stay” and drift to dark again as the album slowly approaches its finale with intense “One Last Time” and “Wither”. Vocalist Charlie Rolfe switches between angsty screams and soaring cleans, delivering anthemic sing-a-long choruses on several occasions. Lyrically, the album covers a rich spectrum of emotions from anger and frustration to hope and happiness. And even though it features some pop elements here and there, it sustains a high level of heaviness thanks to crushing drums, killer riffs and massive breakdowns. Stream As Everything Unfolds’ hard-hitting debut LP below.

Buy your copy of “Within Each Lies The Other” here

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