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Wishmasters unveil an acoustic version of “The Desire”

Czech symphonic metal band Wishmasters unveils an acoustic version of their song “The Desire”. It comes with a lyric video, available below.

The song was originally released back in 2013 as one of the first tracks from the band and featured on their debut album “Beatrice” in 2014. The acoustic version of “The Desire” comes from Wishmasters’ brand new extended single “Wasteland”. The single release features seven songs in total; three different versions of the title track “Wasteland”, an acoustic version of “The Desire”, a musical version of “Broken Heart” and two live songs.

This is the first time fans get to hear a professionally recorded version of some of the songs from Wishmasters’ debut album “Beatrice” with Shirley Tracanna on vocals. Tracanna joined the band in early 2018 and together, they released one concept studio album titled “Afterworld” in November of the same year. For more insight into the band’s story and life, read our recent interview with Shirley.

Don’ forget to stream the extended single “Wasteland” that dropped today:

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