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ODC – I Love The Way You Fall (Music Video)

French modern metal revelation ODC shares new single “I Love The Way You Fall”. Watch the official lockdown video below.

With a bridge between the models of heavy metal and classic rock, the French ODC mix various influences, creating a contagious style of modern metal. Continuing the dissemination of a set of single, the band launches worldwide the track “I Love The Way You Fall”, available on all digital platforms, along with the video clip on Youtube and IGTV. “The video was filmed on the streets of Paris during the blockade. I called it the ‘official Lockdown video’, because nothing can stop the music!”, said singer Celia Do.

“I Love The Way You Fall” distorts the codes of conventional love songs to display the image of today’s woman: free to choose and free to act. This track is very typical of the ODC sound, as it results from a great mix of influences: alternative rock, electronic sounds, strong 8-string guitar riffs and melodic voice with touches of saturation. The launch is supported by a modern music video filmed on the streets of Paris, as the idea of ​​ODC is to make rock part of today’s urban culture.

“When we started working on this song, it was a difficult time for me. I doubted some of my choices. I needed to change the game. We all know those moments. Should we fight or give in? So, I wanted to assert myself even more with this As a woman, of course, but even more as an artist. ‘I Love The Way You Fall’ is a message to all people, men and women, who are struggling to become or remain free. Say shit to toxic people, to negative attitudes”, explains Celia Do.

The song continues the string of powerful and exciting ODC songs, fuelled with a modern sense, with its thunderous drum beats, magnificent guitars and, of course, Celia Do’s electrifying vocals. Check out the ODC songs on Spotify.

ODC is the alternative rock and metal project created and led by Celia Do. ODC has perfected a diverse rock sound that is based on influences of modern metal, nu-metal and alternative metal, a fusion of different influences. Modernizing rock and metal is the band’s credo.

Celia Do founded the band in 2017 in Paris, France. The first EP ‘Ending The Boredom’ was released in 2019, followed by a series of singles. The cover for Billie Eilish’s famous hit, “You Should See Me in a Crown”, totaled more than 600,000 streams on Spotify and Youtube and was placed on more than 3,000 playlists.

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