Patricia Pons (SynlakrosS): “I really enjoy telling fictional stories with a human and personal touch behind it.”

With their fourth studio album “0K4M1”, Spanish melodic death metallers SynlakrosS present a story of a half-human, half-alien creature sending us a message from somewhere millions of light years away. We talk the album and beyond with the vocalist and lyricist Patricia Pons.

MG: Hello Patricia, it’s a pleasure interviewing you. How are you doing?

Patricia: The pleasure is mine. I am doing well, thank you.

MG: Your new album “0K4M1“ was released at the end of April. You’ve decided to go down the road of concept release again. What can you tell us about the story you’re telling with this new collection of songs?

Patricia: It’s a beautiful, dark and full of energy album about the life of a creature half human- half alien called 0K4M1. The album is out now. I invite you to listen to it and give your opinion. I hope you like it.

MG: SynlakrosS has always been a kind of a storytelling band but how did you even come across the idea for this concept album? Was this something you wanted to do for a long time or more of a spontaneous thing?

Patricia: I wanted to make an album with a space theme, but the idea that the album would focus on the story of this fictional creature was somewhat spontaneous. The idea came about while I was reflecting on my feelings and my personal experiences.

MG: “0K4M1” is the title of the album but also the label of the main protagonist. What exactly does this cipher stand for? Is there any hidden meaning?

Patricia: It’s the name of the experiment to create this creature. When the creature reaches its adult stage and is the lethal weapon that it was expected to be, then everyone begins to worship it and call it Okami.

MG: This creature shares its story throughout the record, in hopes to help ease listener’s existential pain and suffering. What do you personally hope people would take from the album and its message?

Patricia: Exactly that.

MG: Isn’t the fact that you’re telling a story a bit limiting for you as a vocalist? Or is it something you enjoy doing more rather than singing “regular” lyrics? What is the biggest challenge?

Patricia:  I really enjoy telling fictional stories with a human and personal touch behind it. I can’t imagine myself singing anything else. Every new album is a new challenge.

MG: The topic you cover on this album, this futuristic sci-fi theme, is not something very common in this subgenre. Where did you take inspiration from? Do you guys in the band read or watch a lot of scifi?

Patricia: Like I said, it was something I wanted to do. Yes, we read / watch sci-fi, especially Roronoa, the bassist and leader of the band, and me. We love it.

MG: This is your fourth studio album. If you were to compare it with your previous album “Malice Murder”, are there any significant changes in your direction music-wise? What was your goal in terms of sound?

Patricia: Yes, there are, and I’ll let the listener find the differences. I was obsessed with being able to express all the emotions in a very intense way, because that is what the lyrics of the album asked for. Also, in each album I like to add a different and new detail with the voice. For this album I have developed a raspy voice for the melodic parts, among other things. But please listen to 0K4M1 and judge for yourselves.

MG: How do you manage to make everything fall into place in the end? I mean, it’s not an easy task to balance everything so the music doesn’t take away from the story and other way around. You need to be very careful and clever to make it work all together as one cohesive unit.

Patricia: I don’t know. For me it comes in a very natural way.

MG: If I remember correctly, there’s one lyric and one music video for this album out at the moment. Do you plan on releasing more video material to present the concept even more visually?

Patricia:  Yes, but I can’t say anything yet, sorry. Stay tuned!

MG: Thank you, Patricia. Wishing you all the best with this new album. Anything you’d like to add?

Patricia: Thank you very much for this interview.  I invite you all to listen to our new album 0K4M1. If you like what we do, support the band by buying merch. For all of you who are reading this interview, I know we are living very hard times, but life is very short. Now more than ever we have to fight for the things that matter to us; “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” – Winston Churchill

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