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Enemy Inside premiere new song and video “Black Butterfly”

German modern metallers Enemy Inside have unleashed a new extraordinaire single and video, “Black Butterfly”. Listen below!

What is sin and what is virtue? Who is to decide? The dark power ballad “Black Butterfly” starts soft but raises drastically with a rich arrangement towards the end, just like the calm before the storm.

The story of the song is about two individuals that had a deep connection. Over time one of the two begins to change and suddenly the other one doesn’t seem to fit in their world anymore, because the person is not part of their belief.

“It’s about feeling abandoned, grief and anger but also about letting go“ the singer Nastassja Giulia quotes. “It’s hard that someone who was really close to you suddenly feels like a stranger“.

“Black Butterfly” follows up their previous three singles, “Crystallize” , “Alien” and “Release Me” which are reaching the 1M views milestone!

All of them will be on their second album “Seven” coming on August 27 as digipak CD, White vinyl (limited to 250 copies), Crystal Clear with gold & white Splatters vinyl (limited to 250 copies) as well as digital streaming and download formats.

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