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Dying Wish – Until Mourning Comes (Music Video)

Portland-based metalcore/hardcore upstarts Dying Wish share a music video for “Until Mourning Comes” off of their upcoming debut album.

Formed in 2018, the quintet led by vocalist Emma Boster made massive waves in a short time. In their year of formation, the band released both a short demo and a well-received split EP with Canadian band Serration. The releases gave way to a stretch of high profile shows and tours that saw the band share the stage with Terror, Comeback Kid, Jesus Piece, and Knocked Loose. Dying Wish will drop their debut LP  “Fragments of a Bitter Memory” on October 1st, 2021 via Sharptone Records.

Vocalist Emma Boster on the new single: “Mourning is written about a family friend who passed away tragically in a plane crash last year. We were in the studio writing the record when my cousin called me with the news. I spent the rest of the night on the phone with my family in absolute shock over the passing of such a kind, bright, and loving young man.

My friend’s death happened just a few days after Riley from Power Trip had passed and I had been watching the outpour of heartbreak within the hardcore and metal communities over Riley’s passing. I felt really compelled to write a song about the passing of someone gone too soon that leaves such an incredible impact on our lives. It felt like now more than ever it was relatable because of how many people out there had lost a loved one due to the pandemic or the toll it takes on us.”

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