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LEAH – Edge Of Your Sword (Lyric Video)

Canadian Celtic/symphonic fantasy metal singer and songwriter LEAH  presents a lyric video for  “Edge Of Your Sword”, the first single off her upcoming album “The Quest”.

Leah comments on the track: “This track was interesting to write… it was inspired by a mood, more than anything else – medieval rock vibes with a bit of spice. I hope those vibes get passed onto the listener! Some of that spice is attributed to Chen Balbus (Orphaned Land) who added the Middle Eastern saz on the track, which gave it a really cool and unexpected flavour! Also on the track is Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian) playing bass, Timo Somers (Delain) playing rhythm guitars (with an epic solo!), and Sander Zoer (ex-Delain) on drums and percussion. Oliver Philipps (Everon, Phantasma) added a ton of orchestration which really beefed the whole sound up.” 

Canadian artist composed the song and you can hear her playing the keys, harps and synths. She also wrote lyrics and arrangements. As for vocals, the singer admits that it wasn’t that easy at first: “I was actually scared out of my mind about that high note in the last chorus! I knew I could technically execute it, but was mentally blocked for some time about it. I had to do weird things in the vocal booth to overcome my vocal mental block, such as drawing an arrow pointing down on a piece of paper that I could look at, also using physical gestures when I went to sing it, such as pointing to the ground with my hands.”

“The Quest” is LEAH’s third full-length studio album and it was in the work for two years. The album features many guest musicians, including Troy Donockley of Nightwish and Timo Somers of Delain. The release is set for October 5th. Click here for more details, including the tracklist and artwork.