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Sisters Of Suffocation – The Machine (Music Video)

Eindhoven based death metal outfit Sisters Of Suffocation unveils a music video for the third single from their upcoming album “Humans Are Broken”. Watch the video for “The Machine” below.

Sisters Of Suffocation’s second album “Humans Are Broken” comes out March 1 via Napalm Records. It features eleven brutal songs plus two bonus tracks.

“This album is a mix of the old school death metal with some modern elements. Every song shows some influences of other metal genres like thrash, melodic and grindcore. I think this one shows some more brutality compared to the previous one,” states the band’s guitarist Simone van Straten.

Els Prins, the vocalist and main lyricist, continues: “This album is about how humans are destroying the earth. It’s about the meat and dairy industry and how we keep consuming while the earth is suffering. It is about the environment, fear-politics but also everything we hate about our society. I really got to write about what I think and feel on a daily basis.” 

The band has previously released two singles, title track “Humans Are Broken” and “Little Shits“, delivering a strong message against all sexists and metal elitist who don’t take female musicians in metal seriously.