Song of the Week

Song Of The Week: Sisters Of Suffocation – The Machine

Week 9, 2019


Another week of 2019 went by, so, naturally, it’s time to announce another song of the week winner. Which track won in our Instagram poll this time? Find out below.

Recently, we’ve been testing fresh releases from the world of metal goddesses, and we decided to go in search of something cool from death metal waters for this past week’s duel. With two great death metal bands releasing new albums soon, the quest wasn’t at all that difficult. The first song was “The Machine” by Dutch outfit Sisters Of Suffocation. It’s the band’s latest single off their new album “Humans Are Broken” that comes out on Friday, March 1st. As for the opponent, we went with “Uterine Industrialisation” from UK-based band Venom Prison who are releasing their second album “Samsara” on March 15th. The outcome of your voting? Sisters Of Suffocation crushed Venom Prison and “The Machine” was added to our “Song Of The Week – winners” playlist on Spotify.

Watch the video for “The Machine” below: