Diva Satanica has left Outreach

Spanish metal vocalist Diva Satanica has left melodeath/progressive metal band Outreach.

Madrid-based band Outreach was founded in 2015 by Toni Liz. After searching for musicians to join the project, Toni Liz decided to work with the guitarist Rafa Howler and two female singers. Nines Bathory from Hair As A Crown is responsible for vocal fry and melodic voices. The second singer was Diva Satanica, best known from her death metal band Bloodhunter and being the first growling musician to participate in the Spanish version of “The Voice”.

In 2016, Outreach played a few live shows supporting bands like Suru, Waiting For Sunset, When Braves Reborn and Rise To Fall, while searching for a new drummer and bass player. On April 26, Outreach released their debut album “Ephemeral Existence” via Nooirax Producciones.

Outreach on their social media: “We are sorry to announce that our vocalist Diva Satanica is taking a different path to dedicate herself fully to other projects. Our musical paths may separate us now, but she will always be a part of Outreach. […] We lost a member, but we won a great friend. Good luck, friend!“ 

On September 14th, Diva Satanica shared the stage with Outreach for the last time at the Rock en Femenino festival in Torredonjimeno, Spain. Don’t forget to follow her musical path with Bloodhunter and future projects.

To read our interview we did with Nines and Diva in order to celebrate the release of their debut album, click here.


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