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Temperance – Mission Impossible (Lyric Video)

Italian modern/power metal outfit Tenperance unveiled a new single off of their upcoming album “Viridian”. The song “Mission Impossible” comes with a lyric video and is inspired by the popular action spy series of the same name. Watch it below.

The song tells the story of protagonist Ethan Hunt who has to save and protect mankind with every movie anew. “Mission Impossible” is supposed to create a feeling of wanting to rescue all of humanity.

Singer Michele Guaitoli on “Mission Impossible”: “After months of wait, we’re finally ready to begin a new cycle. This is “Mission Impossible”, the first single off our brand new album Viridian. As you may have understood from its title, this song is inspired by the amazing film series. With such an ‘explosive’ subject, we could only choose this one, among the most powerful and bombastic songs from Viridian as the album opener and first single!”  

Viridian” is available for pre-order and will be released on January 24th via Napalm Records. Temperance will be opening for Tarja on her upcoming European Raw tour. See the dates here.

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