“We will release the new album in the first half of 2021.” – Interview with Prika Amaral of Nervosa

April 26, 2020 – the day when two of the members of the best-known all-female thrash metal trio decided to take a different path and leave the founding member and guitarist Prika Amaral all alone. But not for long. A little over a week later, Nervosa was back. With a new line-up and stronger than ever. Let’s take a look back at these turbulent times in the Nervosa camp as well as peek into their future with the one and only Prika Amaral. Enjoy!

MG: Prika, thanks for your time. We’re living in crazy times but I hope you’re doing fine.

Prika: Thank you for this opportunity. Yes, I’m fine, thanks. And I hope all of you are safe and well.

MG: A lot has changed in the Nervosa camp recently so let’s just dive into it. You have three new ladies around you in the band. During the audition process, were you focusing rather on Brazilian heavy music scene or you knew you wanted to go worldwide with already established musicians? What was the audition process even like? You contacted the girls because you knew them or how did it all come together?

Prika: I was looking for girls in Brazil and central Europe because other parts of the world would be very hard or impossible. It was a coincidence to get all Europeans. I would love to keep just Brazilians but it was not possible, unfortunately. I just knew Diva Satanica, her band Bloodhunter played with us during some shows in Spain last summer, and after that, I started to follow her. She is amazing! Mia and Eleni, I just knew them on the internet. I admire both of them, they are awesome.

MG: The news of these line-up changes came out of nowhere for many fans and it also all happened so fast. The interval between the two big announcements was very short. It felt almost like some kind of magic when you revealed that Diva, Mia and Eleni are joining you. How long have you been actually looking for the new members behind the scenes?

Prika: Yes, it was very crazy. I almost didn’t sleep for one week. Nervosa announced the divisions and two weeks after, I announced the new lineup. I had to do it because all fans, promoters, festivals and the label were very worried about it. So I ran against the time. I talked with many girls, I received many auditions, and after I chose the girls, I made many video calls. And after that, I felt comfortable with Diva, Mia and Eleni and we could make a great team and this worked very well. It happened fast because the girls worked hard with me as well.


MG: Instead of a trio, there are four members in the band now. It surely opened many doors to new opportunities and, of course, diversity. Was this change intentional or purely a coincidence, an extra bonus? Could this possibly lead to some changes in the band’s sound or direction?

Prika: Yes, it was intentional. Four pieces give us many good things. It will be better for the interaction with the crowd. Diva can move during the show all the time. Me and Mia are working on a stronger and more heavy sound. We have many surprises coming.

MG: Let’s talk about your new bandmates a little bit more. We all know they’re amazing musicians, they’ve proven so many times, so I’m interested in something little different. Apart from their obvious music qualities, what spoke to you about Diva, Mia and Eleni the most? Maybe something regarding their personalities or other talents? Have you already had a chance to get to know each other better?

Prika: Sure, this was made part of the auditions. For m,e the personality is just as important as ability, and we are feeling very well between us. I was super clear about how important it is to be honest and respectable. It’s impossible to describe how much anxious we are to meet each other.

MG: You’re four different nationalities in the band now. Some people may see this as a disadvantage in terms of travelling, different mother languages and cultures, but so far, did you manage to recognize any advantage that was perhaps even a pleasant surprise for you?

Prika: Brazil is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. My parents are from Italy, Spain and Portugal, I’m a mix of these countries. I speak Spanish and a little bit Italian, but all girls speak English very well, this was one of the most important things. The distance is a problem just for me… hahaha… but I’m moving to Europe, and it will not be a problem.

MG: Since I mentioned travelling, band rehearsals are not gonna be that easy, especially now with the global health crisis. How are you gonna deal with this? You surely must have some plan on how to make things easy for everyone.

Prika: Nervosa with the old lineup had only two rehearsals in three years. We didn’t live in the same city and you know, Brazil is huge. From São Paulo to Rio Grande do Sul, it is two hours of flying, so it will be the same in Europe. I don’t see it as a big problem, everything is very resolvable.

MG: The coronavirus has hit the whole world hard, Brazil especially. As far as it concerns Nervosa, with all of you scattered around the world, don’t you feel like you’re stuck at the moment? How do you guys communicate, what do you focus on at the moment? Is it songwriting or…?

Prika: No, I finally have time to write a new album. Nervosa has a very intense activity, and it is very hard to find time to write. Now, all the time that I have I’m investing in good and big plans. It is going very good for me. We always talk through WhatsApp and calls, our focus is to learn some songs and mainly write many new songs.

V.S.-6399MG: When do you hope there’ll be the new Nervosa live debut? Obviously, everything is uncertain and it’s hard to plan tours etc., but what do you hope for? Would you like to hop on a plane and tour bus and do some shows as soon as it’s possible?

Prika: For sure, we will release the new album in the first half of 2021. We are very excited to tour asap, we can’t wait anymore.

MG: Now on a lighter note… If Prika Amaral was a song, what song would she be? Is there any song you identify with? Something like – This is my song! This is me!

Prika: It’s hard to choose just one song. I like attitude with feeling, but this can mean aggressivity with anger or intensity with sadness. I’m everything that I like.

MG: Last question. Imagine you could be invisible for a day. What would you do?

Prika: I think I would make some pranks… hahaha.

MG: Prika, thank you so much for the talk. I wish you and the girls all the best and hope to see you killing it on stage soon again.

Prika: Thank you so much for supporting Nervosa. I hope I can see everyone very very soon.

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