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Members of Morphide, Infected Rain, Fallcie and ex-Jinjer join forces for a Garbage cover

Covid-19 times are tough for everyone and especially for touring musicians, but they’re also rich in many star collaborations. One of the newest collaborations has brought together Elizabeth Zhovnerchuk (Morphide), Alexander Korsak (Fallcie), Vladimir Babici (Infected Rain) and Dmitry Kim (ex-Jinjer, Sershen&Zaritskaya). Listen to their take on “Push It” by Garbage below.

The team of four musicians from four different groups has joined forces for a cover of “Push It” by popular American rock band Garbage. “Push It” is taken from their second studio album “Version 2.0” and it dropped in 1998 as the album’s lead single. According to the lead singer Shirley Manson, the song is about “the schizophrenia that exists when you try to reconcile your desires and demons with the need to fit in. It’s a song of reassurance”.

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