Scarlet Aura announces new single and surprise album

Romanian heavy metal band Scarlet Aura has announced a new single and surprise album. Read more below.

In 2016 Scarlet Aura has released their first album, the album that got them to the European stage and brought worldwide fans attention. This year, the band celebrates the 5th anniversary of “Falling Sky” in no other way than with a re-recording, re-mix and remastering of this amazing album. As the original was produced by the well-known RoyZ, the anniversary edition is produced by the one who also wrote the songs – Mihai “Myke D” Danciulescu, producer & guitarist of the band. This special treat was recorded at the Silver City Studio by the actual Scarlet Aura members – Aura Danciulescu, Mihai Danciulescu, Rares Rene Nistor and Sorin Ristea.

To mark this 5th year of amazing ups for the band, “Falling Sky” will be available for the fans, digitally, on 16th of April, but the fans wouldn’t need to wait too long, because this month, on January 22nd, the first single will be out also with a video! Scarlet Aura fans or “the Scarlets” as they call themselves know already this masterpiece because the band ends their every show with it since the initial release and that is “Colour Blind”. A powerful song about betrayal, deceit and the courage to step forward immediately gets into the listeners blood and heart, making it unforgettable. Scarlet Aura comes with this new audio version of “The Falling Sky” album in between of other two releases and those are the “Stormbreaker” from 2020 and their 3rd and last album from “The Book Of Scarlet” trilogy that is coming up next this autumn.

There’s only true metal delivered so be ready for nothing less! 

Mihai states: “Initially I worked on the mix and master for the Falling Sky album with some of my friends, good producers from the music industry but it never got the idea I had to the point where I wanted it to be and I really believe that now it is getting there and mostly this is why I wanted to mark this 5th anniversary with a new production which also includes our actual band members. To our fans, we send all the love and this digital release that we made especially for them, because we know how much they appreciate this album and that our dream adventure started with it. Thank you all for the support, see you in Autumn on tour“. 

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