For I Am King release a new single “Home”

Dutch melodic death metal band For I Am King unveils the third single off their upcoming album “I”, due out December 7 via Redfield Records. The new track is called “Home” and you can listen to it below.

For I Am King released their debut EP “Revengeance” one year after their formation in 2013. Their first full-length titled “Daemons” came out in 2014, taking the listener through a world of tales and myths. Earlier in May, For I Am King presented the first single off their second studio album along with a music video. The super aggressive “Prey“, co-produced by Andy Posdziech of Any Given Day, was followed by a music video for “Forever Blind” at the beginning of October.

The newest single, “Home”, is based on the experience of the band’s vocalist Alma Alizadeh: “I lived in Iran until I was 11 years old and then had to flee to the Netherlands with my mother – the new song ‘Home’ finds its inspiration there.” There she built a new life and started her journey as a metal vocalist. “People often forget that you can feel at home anywhere. This song is about our personal journeys in finding home: how to adapt to make yourself at home, and how we should take care of others that are in search of a home,” comments Alizadeh.

Alizadeh’s Iranian-Persian background can be also seen on the new album’s artwork. She says: “The Persian art style Qajar served as the main inspiration for the artwork of ‘I’. We have tried to translate the lyrics into a number of stylistic images. On the album cover you see a king (the I), next to him a woman (as the source of life) and on the other side you see death. In the artwork and in other expressions of For I Am King, the colour gold is a recurring theme. For us, gold symbolizes the transition of the soul of a bad person, that’s filled with greed, hatred and selfishness, into someone who puts passion, virtue and love high on his banner.” You can see the cover artwork and tracklisting of “I” below.


1. Prey
2. Forever Blind
3. Home
4. Misery
5. Invidia
6. In Flames
7. The Reaper Of Souls
8. Devotion
9. In Memory
10. Havoc