Song of the Week

Song of the week (10/2021)

It’s time for a new Song of the week poll! The offer for this week is awesome and you already know how it works, so happy voting!

The winner of  Song of the week #9 voting is: Moldovan project Seas On The Moon and “Desolated”, their latest collaboration with Morphide’s vocalist Eissa. Congratulations! 

This week, you can vote for: 

  • Anotherkind feat. Lena Scissorhands – Back To The Roots

  • Atomic Symphony – Nightfall

  • Heart Healer feat. Adrienne Cowan and Anette Olzon – Who Can Stand All Alone 
  • Album: A Metal Opera by Magnus Karlsson (2021)

  • Sumo Cyco – No Surrender
  • Album: Initiation (due out May 7)

  • Warbell – Fight Back

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